MINDBODY Software vs. MINDBODY Express Feature Comparison

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Hardware & Operating System Requirements

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Windows XP or higher
  • iOS 9 or later
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen or higher
  • iPhone 4s or higher
  • iPad 2 or higher
  • iPad Mini 1 or higher


Book single appointments
Book recurring appointments  
Book multi-capacity appointments of a different session type
View in Day View multi-capacity appointments of a different session type
Book staggered start time, multi-capacity appointments
View in Day View staggered start time, multi-capacity appointments
Mark appointments as arrived
Mark appointments as confirmed
Pay for appointments
Check out appointments
Apply payment to a booked appointment
Add formula note when booking appointment
Add formula notes from booked appointment
Add formula notes from client profile  
View formula notes from appointment
Appointment status colors
Customizable appointment status color  
 Assign add-on to booked appointment  
 Assign resource to appointment when booking
 Edit appointments
 View booked appointment info
 Early cancel appointments
 Late cancel appointments  
 Change appointment start time
 Change appointment end time
 Change appointment session type
 Change staff member appointment is booked with
 Change the location at which appointment is held  
 Display prep and finish times  
Add appointment notes
View appointment notes
Edit appointment notes
Approve Appointment Requests
Add clients to waitlist     
View/edit waitlisted clients


 Sign clients in
 Browse the schedule
 Pay for a class during the sign in process
 Class Sign In respects "Duplicate/Overlapping Reservation" option
 View clients on waitlist  
 Add waitlisted clients to class  
 Make past reservations
 Schedule/assign substitutes to classes  
 Show waitlists / show waitlisted clients for classes
 Exceed class sign-in capacity ✓   


 Register clients into multi-day enrollments  
 Register clients into single day workshops
 Register clients into one day at a time (as drop ins) on multi-day enrollments
 Pay for multi-day enrollments  
 Pay for single day workshops
 Pay for one day at a time where client is enrolled as a drop in
 Sign clients into multi-day enrollments when they are pre-registered


 Add New
 View client info
 Edit client profile
 Search for client
 Change client's photo
 Take client photo  
 Capture signature for liability waiver  
 Add email when adding a new client
 Add mobile number when adding a new client
 Manually select client's email opt-in status
 View current pricing options in Account Details or Account Tab
 View account balance under Gift/Debit section
 View account balance under Gift/Debit section if balance is $0.00  
 Send client text message from Appointment Details or Client Profile  
 View recently searched clients
 View gift card and account payment purchases in purchase history
 Save / store billing info when in client profile page  ✓
 Send autoemails / autoemail / auto email  LIMITED (See below)
 Appointment Booking Confirmation autoemail
 Appointment Early Cancel autoemail
 Appointment Late Cancel autoemail
 Class Reservation Confirmation autoemail  
 Class Early Cancellation autoemail
 Class Late Cancellation autoemail
 Send purchase receipt autoemail - formatted specifically for MB Express
 Return / Void credit card transactions  
Confirm contract from Account Details  
 Ability to scan keycard
 Autoselect client
 Ability to email clients (manual email, not an autoemail)
 Ability to call clients  
 Manage client notes
 Manage client alerts
Assign client relationships


Sell services
Sell products
Sell contracts  
Sell membership type of pricing options ✓ 
Accept credit card, cash, and checks as forms of payment
Accept account credit as form of payment
Accept prepaid gift cards as form of payment
Accept assignable gift cards as form of payment  
Accept membership pricing options as valid form of payment
Use Cash
Use Check

Any form of payment besides:
Cash, Check, Account, Gift Card or Credit Card

Run stored credit cards
Use the mobile cc swiper  
Use the USB cc swiper  
Run ACH  
Edit sale prices  
Add items to ticket
Edit saved tickets  
Include tip / tips when checking out appointment
(only when checking out appt on CC)
Add tips to ticket when not checking out appointment  
Favorites list of products  
Top Sellers (top 20 sold items in last 30 days; not editable)  
Sell to Walk-In clients (products only)
 Edit open tickets  
 Delete open tickets  
 Use split payment methods
(only when used when a prepaid gift card has insufficient funds)
 Use more than 2 split payment methods  
 Discount services / products at the POS
 Apply promotion code at POS
 Sell items listed under the Payments/Gift Cards tab (gift cards, account payments, etc.)  
 Pay for classes through relating service categories
 Charge items to a third party  
 Prompted to save/store billing info to profile when at POS and swiping or keying a card
"Pay For Another Client"    
Assign a Rep to the sale    
Assign a Commission Recipient    

Staff Members

 Edit appointment availability  
 Edit appointment unavailability ✓ 
 Clock In/Out  
Set up appointment availability
Set up appointment unavailability (add a break)
View your own schedule
View other staff's schedules
View unavailability on schedule
Manage my staff password  

Sales Reports

 Sales-Sales ✓ 
(Logged in Location only)  
 Daily Closeout  
 Cash Drawer  
 Attendance With Revenue  
 Sales by Service  
 Sales by Category  
 Sales by Rep  
 Gift Cards  
 Earned Revenue  
 Outstanding Series  
 Revenue by Class  
 Average Revenue Analysis  
 Contract Sales  
 Best Sellers  
 Sales Tax  
 Sales Forecast  
 Voided Sales  
 Gift Card Analysis  

Payment Processing Reports

 Approved Transactions  
 AutoPay Detail  
 Settled Transactions
 AutoPay Summary  
 Pending Transactions
 Voided/Rejected Transactions  
 AutoPay Expirations  
 AutoPay CC Expirations  

Client Reports



 Mailers and Data Exports  
 Account Balances  
 Contact Logs - create / add  
 Contact Logs - view / access  
 Entry Logs  
 First Visit  
 Unpaid Visits  
 Last Visit  
 Attendance Analysis  
 Series Expiration  
 New Members  
 Visits Remaining  
 Attendance - No Revenue  
 Big Spenders  
 Client Indexes  
 Referral Sources  
 No Return  
 Retention Management  
 per Teacher  
 No Shows  
 Client Arrivals  
 Online Metrics  
 Event Payments  
 Martial Arts Belt Promotion  
 Class Tests  

Staff Reports

 Schedule at a Glance  
 Time Clock  
 Staff Schedule  
 Phone Book  
 Staff Performance  
 Clients per Teacher  
 Appointment Metrics  
 Pay Rates  
 Staff Activity  
 Retail Sales Performance  
 Trainer Conversions  
 Payroll Export Setup  

Inventory Reports

 Inventory on Hand  
 Sales by Product  
 Cost of Goods Sold  
 Sales by Supplier  
 Manage Online Orders  
 Inventory Change Log  
 Retail Sales Performance  
 Inventory Age  


 MAP in UK and EU  
Language translation available  
 Localization settings (date and time for UK, EU)  

 MAP in Australia




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