Managing staff appointment availability


The MINDBODY Express® app allows you to add, edit, and delete availability directly from the Schedule screen.


Adding availability and unavailability

Before booking an appointment, you'll need to tell the MINDBODY software when you're available; we call this adding availability. Conversely, you can block off sections of your schedule — when going on vacation, for instance — by adding unavailability.

Availability is displayed on your schedule in white blocks, while unavailability is displayed in dark gray, and unallocated times are shown in a lighter gray.

You can add availability or unavailability, or book an appointment, by tapping the + sign at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

When adding availability or unavailability, you'll be asked to choose a specific type:

  • Single-day: This occurs just once, during the single date and time you specify.
  • Multi-day: This covers multiple days during a specific set of dates. For example, if you need to add availability for Tuesdays during the month of April, you would choose multi-day availability.
  • Ongoing: This extends indefinitely. You would select this when establishing your regular, recurring schedule.

You can also adjust your schedule by tapping directly on a time block in week or day view:

  1. Tap on the desired time block.
  2. Tap Add Availability or Add Unavailability.
  3. Choose the parameters for this availability: how often it will recur (if at all), when it begins and ends, which services it covers, and if it should be shown to your clients. Click Save when finished.

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Editing and deleting availability

Availability can be added in MINDBODY Express, but it can only be removed by logging in to your MINDBODY software. Tapping on existing availability (i.e., a white block) will give you the option to either book an appointment or place unavailability in that slot.

Unavailability, on the other hand, can be edited or removed directly from the MINDBODY Express schedule screen. You'll need to tap on the scheduled block, then choose either Edit Unavailability or Delete Unavailability.

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Staff permissions required to manage availability

Staff members require, at minimum, the following set of permissions to manage their own availability:

  • View own info/appointment schedule
  • Edit own info/appointment schedule
  • View appointment details

In order to manage availability for others, a staff member will also need the following permissions in addition to those listed above:

  • Staff member availability
  • View entire appointment schedule

Staff permissions can only be managed by logging in to the full MINDBODY software. Click here to learn more.

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