Booking, editing, and cancelling appointments

You can book, edit, and cancel appointments from the Schedule screen with MINDBODY Express™.


Booking appointments

With MINDBODY Express™, you can quickly and easily book appointments right from your schedule. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your schedule.
  2. Tap an available spot on the schedule that you wish to book (if you’re in day or week view), or, tap the plus sign (+) at the top right.
  3. In the popup menu, tap Book Appointment.
  4. Search for and select the client.
    • If you need to add the client to the system, tap the add client icon at the top right.                                                 
    • If you have the liability waiver feature enabled, you will be automatically prompted to have the client sign the liability waiver, or you can skip this step and go back to it later.
  5. Once the client is selected, set your appointment details on the Book Appointment screen.
    • Choose what appointment, staff, and date your client would like to book. If the selected staff member has availability for that service on that date, you will be prompted to enter the start time and duration.
    • Tap the fields to make any changes.
    • Tap the X next to a field to clear your selection.
    • The app will only show times that the staff member is available for the selected service. Learn how to add staff member availability.
    • Add a resource, email preferences, and any appointment notes.
    • Toggle the confirmation email on or off. This will trigger the “Appointment Booking Confirmations (Single)” auto email, if you have it enabled on your site.
    • Tap Book in the top right corner to save your appointment details.

When booking semi-private or group appointments with a capacity greater than 1, only the first appointment can be booked by tapping on open availability on the Schedule screen. Additional semi-private appointments can be booked by tapping the + icon at the top right.

Click here to learn about setting appointment capacity in your MINDBODY software.


Editing appointments

To make changes to an already-booked appointment:

  1. Tap the appointment on the schedule.
  2. On the Appointment screen, tap the orange pencil icon.                                                                                        
  3. On the Edit Appointment screen, make the necessary changes to your appointment.
  4. Tab Save at the top right.


Cancelling appointments

To cancel an appointment:

  1. Tap the appointment on the schedule.
  2. On the Appointment screen, tap the trash can icon at the bottom left.

  • If you cancel the appointment prior to the start time, you can tap Early Cancel.
  • If a payment was already applied, you can either tap Early Cancel or Late Cancel, depending on how you want it to be logged on your client’s account.  Late cancelling charges the client, while early cancelling does not.




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