Discounts and promotions


You can discount items in the sales ticket from the Retail screen, or when you check out clients for classes and appointments from the schedule. Before you accept payment, you can also apply any promotion code you've created in your MINDBODY site.

Add a discount

You can discount an item by a percentage of its price, or by a flat amount.

  •  Tap the information icon to the right of the item whose price you want to discount (1).
  • Find the discount section, and tap it (2).
  • If you want to discount a certain percentage of the total item price, tap Percent at the top and enter the discount percentage (3).
  • If you want to take a flat amount off of the total item price, tap Amount at the top and enter the discount amount (4).
  • You will see the new price of the item listed at the bottom of the menu. Hit Done to add the discount.
  • Then, hit Add to Sale to discount the item in the sales ticket.

Repeat this process for any other items you wish to discount, and then complete the checkout process as you normally would.


Apply a promotion

MINDBODY Express™ accepts promotion codes that you have previously created in your MINDBODY system.

  • When a client brings in a promotion code that applies to an item on the sales ticket, just hit Promo Code in the upper right corner (1).
  • Start typing the promotion code in the search bar, and select the right one from the list (2).
  • The promotion code will apply automatically (3).



  • To learn how to change the quantity of an item on the ticket, or how to remove an item from the ticket entirely, click here.


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