Overview: Finding the tools you need


MINDBODY Express® lets you quickly access information and tools to help you run your business faster.

When using an iPhone. just tap the icon in the top left corner to open the main menu, then tap the section you need (the main menu is always shown when using an iPad).


The main menu contains easy-to-access tools:

Business Snapshot

Tap this icon to view your business snapshot, a feature currently available for Accelerate subscribers. Learn more.


Click the Schedule icon to scroll through everything happening at your business day by day. You can also book or edit an appointment, register or sign in students to classes and enrollments, and more. Click here to learn more


Click the Retail icon to create a new sales ticket. You can sell items to existing clients, new clients, or walk-in clients. To learn more about making sales in MINDBODY Express, click here.


Click the Clients icon to search for a specific client and update his or her profile information. 


Click the Sales icon to see a record of your sales transactions. Click any sales transaction to go to the Sale ID screen, where you can see important sale details like the payment method used.

Note: Only the owner and staff members with permission to view the "Sales / Sales by Category / Sales by Services reports can access it.  

Payment Processing

Click the Payment Processing icon to see a record of your recent integrated merchant account transactions.

Note: This icon will appear only if you use MINDBODY merchant account processing. Only the owner and staff members with permission to view the "Sales / Sales by Category / Sales by Services reports can access it.


Tap My MINDBODY Site to open a Safari browser window set to the default tab in your software. Learn more about which tab you see when you log in. You'll automatically be logged in with the same profile you're using in the app.

While on your site, tap Back to Express in the upper left corner to return to the app. Keep in mind that staff members should log out of your MINDBODY site in Safari if using a shared device. 


Click the Support icon to send feedback to our team, to review MINDBODY Express in the App Store, to view support articles, or to review the MINDBODY Software Service Agreement.


Tap this icon to switch business locations. The location you're logged in to affects which schedule you see, and where you can book appointments. Note: Only staff members who have the “Allow users to switch between locations while logged in” permission will see this icon. All others must log out and log back in to switch locations.

Sign Out

Tap this icon to log out of Express.

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