What is MINDBODY Express™?


With MINDBODY Express™, you can complement your MINDBODY site by freeing your staff from the front desk. This free app allows you to accomplish many of the same functions currently available in your software:

  • Add new clients, take their photos, and capture their signatures for liability waivers.
  • Sign customers into classes and take attendance when it's most convenient.
  • Browse the schedule for current and future classes.
  • Pay for a class during the sign-in process without missing a beat.
  • Book clients for new appointment services and check them in when they arrive.
  • Accept payment for an appointment service without having to stand behind the desk.
  • Sell products or services and apply them to an account instantly.

  • Complete purchases by swiping a credit card or a prepaid gift card, and accept cash, check, and account transactions too.
  • Access client account and profile information. 




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